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Rotate, Mirror, Crop, Resize

Select the image object with the mouse so that there are handles (blue boxes) around the edges. The properties toolbar will change to Image properties toolbar. Note: You can select objects only when the Select  tool is in use.

Rotate an image

Click the tool button. This will show the Rotate Image dialog. The function can rotate the image in any angle. If you don't rotate the image in 90, 180, 270 degrees, the background of the rotated image will be filled with the color set by the tool or the color picker tool.

Mirror an image

Click the tool button. This will show the Mirror dialog. The function can "flip" the image from left to right, or from top to bottom.

Crop an image

Click the tool button. This function allows you to mark out a region of the image and clip the image's contents so they include only the defined region. When you click this tool the cursor will change to cross cursor. Click the left mouse button after dragging the box to the desired size to execute the crop, and the crop is performed.

Resize an image

Click the tool button. This function re-scales the image to the dimension you choose. You may re-scale it and keep its aspect ratio or you may alter each axis independently, which will cause the image to become distorted. After selecting this function the Resize dialog will appear where you can choose a percentage of original to scale, or you can change the direct pixel-based dimensions.

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