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Welcome to Quick Screenshot Maker
Getting Started
Starting and Running the Program
Screen Capture Quick Start
Capturing Images
Capture Full Screen
Capture Active Window
Capture Active Window Client
Capture Window, Button, Control
Capture Region
Capture DirectX Screen
Auto-scroll Window during Window Capture
Timer-Activated Capture
Image Editing and Enhancement
Image Editing Overview
Create New Canvas
Change Canvas Properties
Scroll the Canvas
Zoom the Canvas
Delete the Canvas
Select an Area on the Canvas
Crop the Canvas
Copy and Paste
Insert an Image
Draw on Image
Rotate, Mirror, Crop, Resize
Adjust transparency, Opacity
Drop shadow, change brightness & contrast and other effects
Balloon (Text, Callout)
Insert a Balloon
Modify a Balloon
Shape (Arrow, Highlight)
Insert a Shape
Modify a Shape
Image Organization
History Catalog Overview
Manage Images with History bar
User Interface
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Capture Menu Options
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Standard Toolbar
Object Toolbar
Properties Toolbar
Canvas Setting Dialog
Capture Settings Dialog
History Catalog Bar
Registration and Support
Registration Benefits
How to Purchase Quick Screenshot Maker
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How Can I Purchase Quick Screenshot Maker

Before buying, please see Registration benefits.


Purchase Quick Screenshot Maker Online

Instant Delivery! With Secure Online Ordering you can receive registration code via the e-mail in a few minutes using your credit card! We strongly recommend you to use the Secure Online Ordering. This is fast and secure.

To order now, connect to our web's online purchase page:

You can also place an order by any of the following methods:

Credit Card Order by Fax: Click here to go to the fax order form. Fill out the applicable information, and send the form to the fax number located at the top of the form.

Check / Money Order: Click here to go to the check order form. Fill out the applicable information, and send the form with payment to the address located at the top of the form.

Credit Card Order by Phone: To place your order by phone call us with your credit card information ready at one of the numbers below:

Toll Free (US and Canada only): 888-447-1175
Standard (International): 801-444-7176

Notes: Emetrix - online order fulfillment service provider for digital goods merchants on the Internet.

How to Register

After you purchase Quick Screenshot Maker online, you will receive a confirm email with registration code in it soon.

Start Quick Screenshot Maker. Click the "Help > Register..." menu item, and the registration dialog will appear. Enter your registration name and code as you received in the edit box. Click "OK" button. If successful, you will become a registered user of Quick Screenshot Maker.

If you have any question or met any problem on ordering, please contact We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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