Screen Printer - capture and print screenshots

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Screen Printer - capture and print screenshots

Screen Printer captures the entire screen, the active window or a user defined area. The captured images may be printed and or saved to disk. Screen Printer comes with a thumbnail viewer to view the images that have been captured. The images may be captured by using the Print Screen key on the keyboard or a custom "Hot Key". Saved images may be edited using the image editor. Here tasks may be performed, such as cropping of the image, flipping the image horizontally or vertically, increasing or decreasing the image size, changing colors, etc. Screen Printer may be set to capture the screen at a preselected time. Up to 24 times may be set. Images may be used for wallpaper on your desktop. Screen Printer - capture and print screenshots.

License: Shareware
Price: $23.00 (Free Trial)
Windows: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
File size: 677 kb
Author: paulkayser
Version: 3.2

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Screen Printer - capture and print screenshots

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