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Quick Screenshot Maker FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Quick Screenshot Maker?
Quick Screenshot Maker is an all-in-one tool for screen capturing, screen shots editing and image organization. It has all the features of Quick Screen Capture, and is much more powerful than it.

2. Can Quick Screenshot Maker capture long scroll window?
Yes. If you check the Auto-scroll window option under Capture tab of Capture settings dialog, the program will automatically scroll the captured application's window.

3. Can it capture cursor image?
Yes. Simply check the Include cursor image option under the Capture tab of Capture settings dialog and you can capture the screen with cursor image.

4. Can it support timer-activated capture?
Yes. You can click the "Capture > Time-activated capture" menu item to open the timer settings dialog. Click "Start timer" button to start timed capture.

5. How can I edit the captured image?
Select the captured image object on the canvas first. Then you can draw on it with drawing tools. Flip, rotate, resize, crop it. Adjust transparency and opacity. Drop shadow for it, change brightness and contrast, add more than 40 effects...

6. Can I merge multiple captures to one screenshot?
Yes. Quick Screenshot Maker allows you to edit multiple images on one canvas.

7. How to enhance the screenshot?
You can add annotations to the screenshot, such as text, balloons, callouts, arrows, shapes, highlights etc. And you can modify the objects at any time.

8. How to organize my screenshot files?
With the History List bar, you can easily manage all the files saved by Quick Screenshot Maker.

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