Frequently Asked Questions of Quick Screen Capture
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Quick Screen Capture FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Quick Screen Capture?
Quick Screen Capture is a screen capture software for making screen shot.
With this extremely useful software you can make professional screenshot and save them to picture files. It support hot keys, edit image, print picture and other features.

2. How do I make a screen shot?
Download and install Quick Screen Capture, then run it. You can capture full screen, capture active window, capture window object and capture a region of the screen. Simply select the capture type and make snapshot of any part of screen. 123 Screen Capture save image file as BMP/JPG/GIF formats. You may use normal mode and hotkey mode to start capture.

3. What's window object?
Window Object is a part of application window, it may be menu, toolbar, status bar, button, picture, label, panel, client view and window itself.

4. How can I capture selection region?
Select "Capture > Rectangle" menu item or click the "Capture rectangle region" tool button, then Quick Screen Capture will hide itself and the cursor changes. Use the cursor to select a region you want to capture on the desktop.

5. Can it save the captures automatically?
Yes. You can select the option "auto save" under capture tab of Capture settings dialog. Each image can be saved in the specific directory with automatically generated file name after being captured.

6. Can it capture DirectX mode games?
Yes. You may run Quick Screen Capture as system tray icon, and then start the game, then press the hotkey to capture snapshot of the DirectX game.


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