Quick HTML Color Picker (freeware)
Pick color on screen, html color picker tool, web color picker software.
    How to use Quick HTML Color Picker

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Using Quick HTML Color Picker

1) Double click the downloaded colorpicker.exe file to start the program.

2) Click the "Pick Color" button. The program will hide and the color picking cursor will appear with the information box.

3) When you move the mouse, the information box will show the color and the "RGB" value of the color. You can use "Left" "Right" "Up" "Down" key to move cursor by pixel. By "Esc" key or Right-clicking you can cancel the process. Left-clicking to select the color.

4) The program will appear with the color value in RGB and HTML formats. By defaults the HTML color value will be copied to the clipboard. Or you can click the "Copy" button to copy the html color value.

5) Clicking the color static you can select a color from the color dialog.

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